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Travelling Ideas from Movies to Inspire Your Summer Trip!

Today we have an idea to inspire you for your next trip. It's from the movies!

Green Book

What to learn from this great movie is to know where to travel -and where to not- The mob-like guy becomes the driver of a black pianist and they take off with a Green Book that tells them the "safe places" to go. It can be your motto to plan ahead and take a safe trip. Besides you can get on the way with a classic car and a neat friend.

Describing the "Easy Rider idea"
Describing the "Easy Rider idea"

In July

This movie is about a man travelling to Türkiye to find love. So the idea is simple: travel to Türkiye. If you are German with sandals, your next stop might be Türkiye.

Easy Rider

For free souls to show off their shiny bikes and their dominant characters, it's a brilliant idea to take a trip on motorbikes. But try to keep out of jail!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Take an unexpected trip but for safety take your cell phone with you. The main idea is to go on bare foot like hobbit.

These are the travelling ideas from movies, tell us what do you think of these travel ideas taken from movies?

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